Lincoln Military Housing Mold

Homeowners and tenants often have questions about how to deal with mold – particularly when finding a growth. Lincoln Military Housing Mold has highlighted the topic for many. Here are answers to a few of the most frequent questions asked about visible and hidden molds.

What is Mold?

A mold is a type of fungus. Researchers estimate there are thousands of naturally-occurring molds in the outdoors. Most indoor molds get their start as spores that drift into a residence from the outside. Any kind of mold needs two things to grow and multiply: moisture and nutrients.

A residence provides both in abundance through its furnishings, building materials, water pipes and other sources of dampness. Some of the most common types of molds found indoors are penicillium, alternaria, aspergillus and cladosporium.

How Is Mold Detected?

Usually, homeowners or tenants first notice they have a problem either by seeing mold growing or smelling a musty, earthy odor they investigate. Sometimes the clues are more subtle such as having allergy-like symptoms worsen or seeing signs of excess moisture such as water stains or condensation problems. If the mold can’t be easily found, it may be necessary to search underneath carpets or other flooring, behind sinks, mirrors or wallpaper and within stored items.

Occasionally, more complicated techniques might be needed such as opening up a wall to locate mold. For circumstances such as these, there are certified contractors that specialize in mold detection and removal. However, one should contact and coordinate a mold inspection through their office first.

If Mold is Found

Locating the source of excess moisture and eliminating it is the key to dealing with indoor mold. It might be as simple as stopping a leaking pipe, opening a window, or using bathroom or kitchen fans for increased ventilation. Once the moisture problem is addressed, all wet materials need to be removed and dried.

Should Mold Be Reported?

The first step would be to contact your Lincoln Military Housing Mold specialists to discuss the matter fully and determine what future actions need to be in place

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